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Easy makeup hacks every girl must know!

Life without makeup is a total naa! Whether it’s an office event or a family function, we girls always put our hands-on make-up. Even if we are applying an eye-liner and a lipstick it comes under our make-up. With our busy schedule, all we need is so simple make-up hacks to get rolling super soon!

Here are some simple tricks you can use which will make applying cosmetics super easily and give you the look you wanna have.

Say No to eyeliner pencil, Yes to gel

By doing this you can apply eyeliner easier because it makes it softer. All you need to do is place the tip of the eyeliner pencil over a flame for one second and then wait for about 15 seconds for it to cool down, and finally apply.

Mascara Application

The correct way to apply mascara is by moving it towards your nose instead of upwards. It will make your lashes look fuller. Also, this will help to make your eyes look bigger. Beautiful right?

Pimple Free Face

Dear pimples, we really don’t even want a glimpse of you at any time in a year. Doing makeup on a pimple face is a bit tough. And to get a pimple-free face, I suggest avoiding using face wash. Start using aloe vera to freshen up your skin. It also helps to bring glow on your face. Also, you can wash your face with milk. Milk helps to purify your face by removing impurities and hence making you look fresh. And yes then you are ready to apply primer and other makeup products.


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