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Fashion Trends to follow September, 2019

With the beginning of 9th of the year, September all I am thinking of is a wardrobe make-over. Oh yes! it’s the time, time to change the style and lookout for something new.

Whether digging into new accessories or doing clothes color refashion, here are the fashion trends to follow September 2019.

  • Say Yes to Headbands 

Followed by many, nowadays headband has become a thing. From renowned actors to a small girl, everyone is going gaga over it and my girl if you haven’t bought one yet, get one now before you miss this trending chain.

  • Earrings


Match your outfits with some cool earring. Gold, silver or rainbow color it doesn’t matter just wear earrings because September is going to make a statement for earrings. And by earrings we also mean jhumkas, whatever you prefer just flaunt them!

  • Colors which you can wear in September

The month of glory gives you the advantage of wearing grey shades, neither too dark nor too light. Just keep it simple, keep it minimal. From mild pink to mustard, from mauve to royal blue, you can wear all the colors you want. Even our very dear black and white looks good in this month. Wow! That’s some relief. Happiness is wearing colorful clothes and ah September gives you this advantage! We love you September.

Also, pointing out wearing denim jacket is one trend which is knocking the doors again just like past 2-3 years. This trend is going nowhere. In fact, you can also go for denim dresses. They are hit and will always make you look pretty. Never say never to denim!   

Also, wishing you all Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ganpati Bappa Morya!
गणपती बाप्पा मोरया|

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