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Here’s two things to get picture perfect look

Click, click, click and saving memories for forever is one of the most important things wherever we go. But do you know what are the things which are important to take a picture-perfect look?

Here’s the answer. All you need is get your hair and makeup on point to look best in the frame. Just keep an eye on the trend you wish to follow and look picture perfect

Here are the trends which need to follow for hair and makeup to make you look astounding in real as well as in the reel.

For Perfect Hair Look



Opt for hairstyles compliments your face cut. Don’t try something out of the box to change your overall look. A little bit is just fine. Make sure that the style you choose complement with your overall look. Avoid heavy hairstyle, keep it simple and decent because decent is classy.

Also don’t be extremely particular, you can even go with a little bit messy look. Because messy is trendy!

Try to volumize your hair, you could do it by trying different haircuts. The main thing to focus here is to take that haircut which goes with your face, short hair, mid-length hair or long hair, choose and keep them to rock in front of the camera

If you are planning to go for a hair color, here are the options which are in trend and can make you look awwdorable in front of the camera-

  • Violet brown is the color to go for highlighting your hair this summer season
  • Look created with chocolate brown in a balayage with highlights is increasing the heat this season. It is totally recommended.
  • Also, white tone global hair color is totally in. But this look will not cope up with everyone’s skin type so choose wisely.


For Perfect Makeup



Light makeup is perfect for summer. Overdosing your face with makeup is a complete no-no. Just keep it sober. I recommend nude makeup for this summer season. Also, nude shade lipstick is a pic, go for it over dark shades. Dark colors are for winters so let’s not touch them in summers.

The products which you use on your body matter a lot. Make sure that you are not using local ones as they could harm your skin. I recommend using long-lasting, smudge-free cosmetic products. They will make you look pretty in front of the camera

Applying sunscreen before heading out is unavoidable. This is one thing which will keep your skin alive and energetic. Don’t forget to apply it. I keep it in my bag always and it helps me save my skin from scorching heat.

Take care of these two things in mind and I am sure that camera won’t be able to ditch you after this!



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