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How to keep your skin happy all day!

With the hush-hush of life moving right-left every day, it has become difficult to provide the right care to your skin which results in dull skin, pale days.

Here are some tips about how to bring back the softness, the charm of your skin. Well, let it glow.

  • Bath twice a day

Well with a lot of moment, running here and there, sweating you is not a surprise. Even sometimes we stink and people don’t want to sit near and I mean why will someone? To get a bit rid of this problem, you need to bath twice a day. It refreshes your skin and brings back the glow. Also, keep perfumes/deodorants in your back and use it after 2-3 hours. It will make you feel fresh. Don’t forget it!

  • Use less make-up

Try to use make-up as less as possible because it dulls your face and even brings wrinkles. Who wants that right? Keep it minimal unless or until you have to go to a party.

  • Wash face frequently

Wash your face 5-6 times a day to keep it fresh and glowing. Dull face view is a total no. Look beautiful, look lively every day! Even wash your face with milk or aloe-vera to look chic.

Besides, don’t forget to use sun-screen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Even using organic creams is a cherry on the cupcake. In your day-to-day busy schedule don’t forget to pamper your skin! Stay beautiful.

Also, don’t forget to pamper your nails with manicure and pedicure. It’s healthy!

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