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Trip to Goa: Expectations vs Reality in the month of August

Vibes, lights, and, food people visit Goa to have the taste of all. My recent trip to Goa was all about amazing weather, delicious seafood and of course chilled drinks.

With greenery and beaches all around, Goa is divided into North and South Goa. For party freaks and club lovers, North Goa is your area and for those who like peace and silence, my love you move towards South Goa!

Where did I go? I explored both as I fall into the category of leaving behind nothing, want to live it all, explore it all!

Here I am explaining what to expect and what not to in Goa in the month of August!


Rain is August? ah! just a blink of it. I went to Goa for 4 nights, 5 days trip and it rained just once and that too during breakfast time (8-10, 10:30) and that’s it! Didn’t witness much of rain.

Myth…Er, people think that August month is off-season in Goa but my dear it’s LIT even in August! You can witness many tourists in this month as well. Gone were the days when people used to skip visiting Goa in August, now things have changed. Go Goa whenever you want!


Okay, so the next question which must be striking your mind is whether clubs are open in the month of August and the answer is yup they are. You can visit clubs like LPK, Coehba, Sinq, Titos but if your question is about club Cubana umm then you are going to disappoint because it’s an off-season for club Cubana. This club opens up mostly in November so that’s ouch there.

Food joints

Almost all the food joints such as Britos, Curlies, Fisherman’s hut, Fat fish are open to welcome you but again there is one disappointment that is if you thinking that Thalassa will also be open this month then no, it’s not open! It’s offseason for Thalassa and it opens up in November only.

Crowded or empty

So, you will witness a lot of people during the weekend in the clubs and on the road but then on weekdays Goa is not that much crowded.


People mostly take a car, bike or scooter on rent in Goa to have a chill time and trust me it’s really comfortable to do this. I also did it and this makes your life easier in Goa. You can easily visit Panaji, South Goa, North Goa by driving towards it. And the roads are also fine, no jam or narrow roads so it’s pretty safe.

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