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With the fragrance of water all around, a delightful view of flowers and the arrival of seasonal sweet dishes, the festival of colors- Holi truly does the entrance in style.

The vibrancy of colors brings in positive vibes in our lives. Holi is my favorite festival, I celebrate it with utmost joy and enthusiasm.

The celebration of Holi begins by lighting up the bonfire one day before the day of Holi and this process symbolizes the triumph of good over the bad.

And on the next day, it’s all colors and happy faces all around. I celebrate Holi with my family and friends. Mostly we do farmhouse parties but not this time due to the Corona Virus outbreak. And it’s getting bigger so I suggest you all stay at home, stay safe.

Coming back to Holi, I actually like playing it with colors, eating Ghujiya and Mann (meethi roti). I enjoy preparing this meethi roti with my mother. My favorite part is to make the star shape of this roti. And believe me, they taste amazing. Besides, a lavish family lunch also takes place on this day which is the most amazing time.

I keep stocks of every color but pink, yellow happens to be my favorite. Talking about other colors, purple is one I have to use on Holi. It never goes and makes one look ugly.

And when it comes to clothes, I take care to keep my preparation for the festival ready. This time I choose black color t-shirt and shorts. Keep it simple. I mostly wear clothes which I am bored with. Besides taking care of the oiling and creaming of the body is part of it. Make sure you do it otherwise the aftermath of the Holi Festival could be extremely tiresome.


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