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Lights, Makeup, Monochrome Concept and Me!


What makes a shoot special? What is the important thing to accomplish a shoot? The photographer and camera of-course. A shoot cannot take place with it.

In this blog, i am going to show how a photographer is incomplete without a blogger and vice-versa. The essence of both is so important,  both are incomplete without each other. Also, little bit of makeup makes you shine brightly. So taking this theme one step ahead, i am going to talk about my conceptual shoot which i have done in collaboration with Meraki Production and makeup with Beauty_boudoir_by_amber.

With all my experience, i have to say Meraki is one of the best studio in Delhi NCR. The studio is well equiped and have all the basic and luxurious facilities. Ranjan Mill is the owner and main photographer. Apart from Delhi, his production house is famous in Mumbai also. In fact he began from Mumbai only, this studio has been opened recently in Noida.

With Ranjan’s photography skills and ideas, we came up to do a conceptual shoot. Also Amber, makeup artist, have done some great work on my face to do justice with the concept.

Showcasing the monochrome look of our first conceptual shoot. I am wearing a white transparent top with black sandoz. We tried to give it close shots look so that the focus will be only on the makeup and shoot. We don’t want to go away from our theme and tried to highlight is as much as possible.

It was difficult for me to shift to conceptual shoots, i was not sure but if your fear empowers you then you cannot do anything. Always try to stand out and keep doing different things. The key is to believe in yourself.

Look at the pictures guys, hope you will like it. To see it, scroll down. Don’t forget to share your comments. 🙂






Photography- Ranjan Mill

Makeup- Amber

Clothes- SVM





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