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3 things to apply on face before foundation!

Makeup is known to add that extra bit to the overall beauty of any lady.  When done right, a little makeup can help turn a normal girl into a beautiful supermodel. Whether you are going to opt for light or heavy make-up, applying foundation is essential. You can’t move ahead without it. But do you know your face requires to be a cover-up and clean before applying foundation?

Here I am going to tell 3 things you should keep in mind before applying the foundation on your face. This is an essential step for both beginners and make-up pro. Don’t forget to do these steps so that your make up lasts longer and without becoming cakey.


  1. Apply Tonner

The first step is to apply toner on your face, it cleans your face and removes all the dirt. It reduces the appearance of pores as well and evens skin tone.

  1. Apply cream

The next step is to apply the cream on your face. For the summer season, I recommend going for gel creams as they are light. Cream smoothes the skin’s surface for a more even foundation or concealer application. It also helps makeup to last longer. Another benefit of applying the cream is hydrating skin underneath makeup will help the skin to look less dull. Direct application of foundation on dry skin can make it look cakey so avoid doing it.

Also, wait for 10 minutes after applying the cream so that it can settle down.

3. Apply Primer

Primer Creates A Smooth Base for Make-up and it can color correct areas of redness, dullness, and discoloration. It also helps your foundation last longer.

Here I have made a video in my Instagram Series- “Skin Affairs”, take a look.


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