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5 Things You Must Do In Nainital

Enjoying the cool breeze while seeing a lake and having your favourite street food is one of the many things you can cherish in Uttarakhand’s Nainital. Nainital is one of the best hill stations you can visit to ditch the hot weather of Delhi or any other state in the month of July.

I am a regular visitor of this place and love to visit here for it’s beautiful weather and good food. Here, I am going to tell you 5 things you must do if you are visiting Nainital.


  1. Visit Sakleys

Sakleys is a restaurant/cafe located at Mall road in Nainital. The place offers best coffee, food and desserts. I always visit here for coffee. My favourite is there Mocha. It costs around Rs 130-150. You can also try momos here. It’s a bit expensive but you will love the taste. You can also try here other meals. They offer you North Indian as well as Italian Cuisine and in the end you can also try their desserts. They have it in a good variety and all of them are good to have.


2. Buy Candles

Nainital is famous for candles. The place offers you numerous variety of candles in different shapes. You can have it in the shape of God, Ice-cream, Beer cans, pearls and many more. They have fragranced candles as well. The price begins from Rs 5o and goes up to Rs 1000 per candle as well. I always buy candle here. You can see many shops on the mall road that sell candles so they are easily available and that too in large variety.


3. Try Sonam Momos

Sonam momos is one of the best destination to try momos in Nainital. They have a variety of momos and even Chinese food. Mutton momos of them is a must try. This is a street momo stall which is near Tibetan Market which is on mall road. You can ask anyone about them. They are very famous and charge you minimal amount per plate.

4. Boating at Naini Lake

One of the amazing things you can do in Nainital is do boating in Nainital Lake. There are a lot of boats and once you are there you will see many people boating there. You can do boating on hourly basis. One boat accommodates 4 people and but you can always go for bigger boats if there are many people. Boating timing is from morning till 6/7 pm.

5. Buy Accessories/Home Decor Stuff

Nainital’s mall road has a huge variety of shawls, socks, slippers, home decor items, hair bands, earrings, candles and many more items. You can purchase many items from here. They are available in affordable prices as well.

Nainital is a must visit hill station to have a cheerful time with your loved ones. From good food to serene view, this hill station has everything one look forward to have during their vacation. You can always visit there to have a good time and enjoy the lovely weather and view this place has to offer.

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