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5 tips to make active wear shopping easy & efficient

The clothes which you wear during your workout routine have a crucial effect on how you feel during & post-workout. Sometimes picking out the right fitness gear for your workout regime can be as difficult as searching for a needle in a haystack

Wearing the right activewear during workouts can help you to stay comfortable while performing any exercise & thus helps in increasing your efficiency while working out. Here are a few tips which you can keep in mind while you go shopping for activewear in the future:


Fabric selection should be in accordance with your Workout routine:

Different types of fabric are currently available in the Activewear market but it entirely depends on your workout regime as to what fabric is most suitable for you as the intensity of your workout plays a significant role in choosing the right type of fabric for yourself.

  • When it comes to exercises such as Gentle Yoga, casual walking where there is less sweat the best fabric to be used can be cotton, polyester cotton blend, etc as they are good at absorbing sweat. Cotton becomes heavier as it has a tendency to absorb sweat & also it is a non-stretchable fabric which makes it suitable for a lighter workout.
  • When it comes to intensive yoga, high-intensity workout routines, or intensive training sessions where you tend to sweat more, make sure to opt for technologically advanced fabric such as sweat-wicking fabric, climacool, dry-fit, or mesh as these fabrics are technologically designed and tested to be good at absorbing sweat & simultaneously they are breathable which evaporates sweat easily, keeping you cool & comfortable throughout your workout, yoga or training session.

Correct Size:

The first & foremost thing to be kept in mind is to know your size as activewear sizes may differ from your regular day to day clothing. The range of movement which is required from activewear is extremely high. So, you may need some extra space to provide that freedom to twist, turn, stretch, pull, or push in any direction as per the requirement of your workout routine. Always tend to buy activewear that keeps you comfortable & provides the maximum range of movement to support your workout routine.

Buy Sport-Specific Activewear:

The increasing popularity of athleisure which in simple terms means casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable for both exercise & everyday wear has resulted in the merging of fashion & fitness, encouraging more people to adopt a more active lifestyle which is great but due to this more & more cheap fashion brands are entering the market of active wear with clothing line ups which actually lack any technical sports function. So always make sure to go for brands that focus solely on active wear & manufacture clothing equipped with technologically trialed & tested fabrics to provide optimal performance while performing any sort of physical activity. You can opt for brands like SEVEN, Adidas, Nike, Puma & Reebok.

Look good get motivated:

We always want to look good; it also boosts our confidence. When you look good, you feel more motivated to keep working out. Besides choosing gym attire that is stylish, try shopping for activewear that emphasizes key areas of your body on which you are focusing at the gym. If you are into bodybuilding and heavyweights, pick stylish sleeveless tank tops That will show off your big biceps and you’ll be able to track your fitness progress to recognize how much progress you have done. The best activewear should make you feel motivated and ready for any impediment that comes your way.

Trusted brands:

Buying good quality activewear will incur some cost, but if you plan you can buy good quality active wear easily. Always opt for good quality activewear as they are more durable. The fabric used in these apparel has the capacity to absorb sweat & are skin friendly Leading brands like SEVEN, Adidas, Nike, Puma & Reebok provide a great quality fabric which is trialed & tested, they are highly durable as compared to the cheaper counterparts which are available in the market.



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