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A Life Note!

Hey Peeps,

Everyone must be having a question by reading the title of my this post about life note? What does that mean? I think each of you is having a big question mark in their head after reading this or may be now you guys are having it after reading the initial lines that it is something big for me which is making you curious to know about it .

In this post, i have come up with a surprise which i am going to tell you guys at the end and i will be answering each and every question which many of you keep bugging me here.

Starting from the scratch, why i have started blogging? So, the answer to this question is very simple and starts in this way. I am an English Honors Graduate and after reading novels in my college days slowly slowly i have developed interest in writing.  I want to build content. I developed a liking towards it. And keeping my this interest in mind, i thought of starting a blog where i can INSPIRE people. Share my thoughts with them and help them to get something new and fresh whether in terms of clothing or anything related to fashion or lifestyle.

Now you must be thinking why i haven’t opt for having a career in content writing and doing job in some respective company? The answer is i want to earn my name. I want that everyone should recognize me. I wish to come out from dusty lanes into dazzling lights. I want to become a renowned person but words will not take me further. I have to be on my toes for it because it is not easy to earn your name but yes it is not impossible as well. Moreover, i want to have something of my own hence i thought of starting something of my own keeping my interests in mind.

The next question which comes is why fashion and lifestyle? To answer this, i should open the pages of my blur book, i should open the pages of the past. I am a fashion lover, i love everything about it like dressing up,looking stunning every time. Since childhood, i wanted to be a model but as i grew up this wish just remained the wish and was lost somewhere in my blur book. And then finally at this age i thought of pursuing my wish in the form of blogger as it defines both of my interests well. I am really happy that i am progressing little little everyday in this field and i wish that i will be able to achieve my goal.

Coming to A Life Note, if you have noticed i have mentioned the word inspire in bold letters above to give little hint and now I am going to highlight on it. A life note is a note which i will write now onwards in my each and every blog to bring in a little cheerfulness in one’s life. To impart a direction in the life of people. Basically an advice so that you can live your life more happily. I will share good things which i will be learning in my life either through books, people or any other substance. I want to help and inspire people through my blogs so i am taking my initiative towards it. Hope you guys will like it.


*Here it comes in the form of a present as i got it in the form of present. There are numerous of people who are living but living in their past by thinking about it and not living in their present. One should let go of their past by learning through it. Live in your present and have a purpose in your present to create your future.*

*It Is Hard To Let Go Of The Past
If You Have Not Learned From The Past

As Soon As You Learn And Let GO
You Improve The Present Today And
Move Forward With A Purpose To
Create A Better Future.*

Inspiration- The Present by Spencer Johnson.

Guys do read it, its a great book. You will learn a lot. I want people to move one step forward in their life and think about it. Now i am leaving my this post on a positive note and with a great deal of hope as taken in the picture below.

Picture Credits- The Yellow Lens.

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