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A Walk To Remember At Marina Beach, Chennai

Hello to all the lovely people. I hope you all are having a wonderful time and if not i think you should go to a vacation. A much needed windy vacation where you can enjoy all the sensations of being on a trip properly. A place like Chennai could be one answer to it where you can relax and enjoy all the attires of nature and it’s beauty. Recently, i have visited Chennai so i will be revealing must go places in my upcoming blogs. This one is covering Marina Beach. It’s a very precious natural beauty of God and i am really happy that i got a chance to visit this place. The place includes ample of things which a person can enjoy by being there.

First among them is the endless view of water. This beach is considered as a natural urban beach and is among world’s longest beach. The Marina beach is primarily sandy, unlike the stony, rocky beaches. You have to walk on certain length of sand which is covered by flee market on both sides to reach out at the wide and beautiful view of the Marina water. So, you can buy something before reaching the beach. There is also Chat Stalls at the site so you can always enjoy Bhelpuri, Golgappa’s, Sweet Corns and many other unique food items of Chennai people. I was hardly able to pronounce so don’t think that i am able to write them correctly. Bare me! You can only enjoy the essence of it and Chennai by being there.

There is also a sign of “M” at the site symbolizing “The Marina Beach” Below is the picture of the astounding symbol. I hope you will like it as much as i.

As you will get near to the beach, your nose will start getting a whiff of fishes. This is because the surrounded people were selling fishes out there. So, fish lovers you can enjoy it greatly and that too in front of a giant waves, sweet fragrance of water, crispy sand and a huge number of people.

Chennai folks like to spend their evenings at Marina Beach so they go there casually everyday for peace,happiness and cheerfulness. One always have a positive feeling when one is close to a natural beauty. Specially beaches give opposite impact from their appearance. How unique is this, The feelings and impact of water is different from it’s appearance. I actually felt calm, happy, relaxed and peaceful in front of huge sounds and waves of water. So, i think one should surely go to a beach once in a year.

But there was a disturbing thing at this place. The excess amount of garbage and waste material. How terrible is that such an amazing gift of god is getting ruined by huge amount of garbage. And more disheartening thing is day by day the amount of waste is increasing and so does the smell of garbage at that place. Spending time in nature is healing energy and it makes you a positive person. I don’t want that such beauties should be destroyed because of man deeds. I hope that government will soon turn the things on for the betterment of this place and take good measures for the same.

To deliver the most amazing pictures of the place, i was there before sunrise. i tried to enjoy every bit of this place. Marina beach opens up at 5:30 in the morning and i was there at 5:10 so you can guess the amount of excitement i had.

Finally staging the pictures of my shoot. First three pictures will show the time before sunrise, sunrise and after sunrise. Have a look and i hope you can feel that you are actually at Marina Beach or want to be there as early as possible.

A Life Note:- This one is in the form of request to all the people. Request to keep the environment clean, request to keep households clean, request to keep surroundings clean. One should try to keep their surroundings neat and clean. This all will help a person in turning the atmosphere around them very positive and cheerful. And even if you can’t clean your surrounding then don’t make it dirty.


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Ending this blog post.
With much Love

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