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All About My Birthday, 2nd June, D-day!

Birthdays are special, no? Indeed very special. But the reason of it’s specialty jumble from person to person.

I am a person who gets very excited for birthday. The reason behind is not that i will be having lavish parties and dinners but because i will be spending my this day with my close ones. With my small Family which includes Friends.

For me ‘Quality is always prior to Quantity’ and i think this is a special rule(funda) which people should follow up. One should not follow the trend of having hundred of flaky friends who don’t standby when you need them. One should always adore with good people. Even this thing will have a great imprint on living a positive life as well. So don’t do blunders and think about it.

Starting the talks of my birthday, I was already prepared to visit Gurudwara at midnight so just after the time my family members wished me and in mid of my friends call, i started my drive towards Nanak-Piao Gurudwara with my siblings. I wanted to start my day on a very positive note and the amount of positive feelings i received there was immense.

Then the morning of 2nd June shined up. I refreshed and went to the Looks Salon for hairdo. I had a party with my good friends. I seriously love them all. Each one of them have a special place in my heart. “They are my Important Buddies.“I received lovely wishes, awesome cake and surprises from each of them. I really felt happy and good. Those were above normal feelings which cannot be described in words but i am sure many of you had it.

Buzzing of phone calls and messages was normal for the whole day just like everyone and the party with friends was placed in Punter House Cafe, Delhi.

Apart from this, I went for dinner at ‘The Lalit’, Delhi with my family.

Coming onto my attire, i wanted to wear a very decent and cute dress and i got the dress of my choice from Kazo. Then i also want to give my dress more summer’s touch and what else is better then carrying the dress with gladiators. And i totally loved my soft look of that day.

Here are some of the pictures of my day.



And snapchat selfies are must 😀
Compiling it with my last picture which includes my good friends though few are still missing.
A Life Note:- Hey people, i hope you guys are living a positive life. This life note tells about having consistency in life. It is the little things which helps you to grow and make your life consist and cheerful. Enjoy each and every small thing in your life.Try to earn things in your life through hard work. And afterwards, Celebrate them by earning them.

Dress- Kazo
Hairdo- Looks Salon
Gladiators- Tote’s Gallore
Hand Bag- Essence


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