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Benefits of Soy Protein

Each one of us wants to live a cheerful life with lots of adventures as well as peace in it. And to get the most of the life, one needs to be healthy and fit. Yes, a healthy life is a better life and now is the time to focus on your health.

There are lots of unknown new diseases which are spreading out because of our ignorance towards health and the quality of food we are eating. Celebrations are important but are these restaurants providing you nutritious food, honey looks out, open your eyes because health is wealth.

One of the most important things which we are missing in our day-to-day life is protein. A definite amount of protein is really important for a better and happy life. I have recently attended an event organized by Dupont to gain my knowledge about protein and different sources which can help to fulfill day-to-day protein requirement.

Protein intake is important for every stage and here are the details about how much quantity one should intake-

So 0.8 gm of protein is required per kg of weight in a day. So if you are 50-years-old, approximately 50 gm of protein is required in a day. This much intake of protein is really important and as per our current diet, we are not able to fulfill this requirement.

Dupont has given a solution which is an intake of soy protein every day. If we include soy protein in our daily diet then we can surely fulfill the protein deficiency.


Soy protein is a high-quality complete protein, which means it delivers all the essential amino acids in the appropriate amount to fuel growth and development and is comparable in protein quality to milk, meat, and eggs. However, unlike animal-based proteins, it is low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol and lacrosse-free.

Swapping a low protein, high fat snack for a snack that delivers a high-quality lean protein, such as soy, has been shown to improve overall diet quality for the day and also beneficially influence certain aspects of mood and cognition in adolescents.


Soy protein looks like powder and can be used in beverages, dry beverages, meat, peanut butter, and tofu. One can also blend it in a glass of milk for a better taste.

Soy protein helps in maintaining weight and satiety

Soy protein has been found to be as effective as other high-quality proteins in supporting weight loss while increasing satiety when incorporated in a reduced calorie diet.

Muscle growth and repair

Protein is a key nutritional component needed to promote muscle growth.

Supporting Healthy Living and an Active Lifestyle

Soy protein is a lean source of protein that supports muscle maintenance while also supporting heart health.

Heart Health

According to research, 25 grams of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.




Until next, have the healthy days!


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