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Blogging: A new career trend to follow!

A vision of being in the limelight where people are following you and copying your style by adorning your looks can be fulfilled if you are passionate about fashion and enthusiast to write and love to click.

Fashion blogging is a new trend in the house. It is one of the professions which has opened its gates for many vogue lovers. Apart from fashion designing, modeling and content writing, people get one more career opportunity through which all three can be

A fashion blogger is someone who has a unique taste of style and influences others by putting up pictures of their personal style on their blog and social handles. I feel one should be active on their website and increase the traffic there but most bloggers are more active on Instagram, thanks to the rise of it.  It’s very important to create a niche instead of blogging about everything and even more important is that your personality should reflect in your writing. That’s how you’ll get repeat visitors and loyalty to the blog. Reader comments are a significant factor in blog popularity. If you are a newcomer, this will take time but worth the wait.

The most important aspect of fashion blogging is visuals, without visuals your show is incomplete. Pictures which a blogger frame on their social sites attracts people towards their blog. Facebook and Instagram have become the hub of this business. Bloggers make their accounts public and Instagram terms them as business accounts. They put their links on social handles, make different-different stories of their day-to-day life to stay connected to people who follow them and to increase their following.


One should make their accounts/page on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. These are essential social sites through which traffic generates and people get attracted towards your blog through photos which you post on it.

Colors, outfits, lights, style, camera, all are in action with the coming of fashion blogging as an emerging profession for fashion enthusiasts. People are following the footsteps of many bloggers and taking it as a serious full time or part-time profession.

If you are thinking that this profession is easy and you can go about casually then you are living in a bubble which will burst out on the day you enter this world. We bloggers always have to look on point and keep on taking pictures by showcasing their unique styling of clothes and slaying their charm by doing a decent amount of make-up.

With any creative project, sometimes the hardest thing is to simply sit down and start. We’re often stuck in our heads, dreaming up ideas instead of making them happen. I had searched about what is blogging for two-three months before entering in this field, I had followed many renowned bloggers to notice them and learn how they work. I didn’t want to be like any other blogger who was doing just casual, I wanted to pursue this as my career. After witnessing it all, one day I literally said ‘I want to start a blog’ out loud and here I am running my blog successfully since a few months.

A new blogger is born every day due to low barriers to entry. It is emerging as a new career option because it is lucrative, flexible and on top of all, it is risk-free. Anybody from a child to a professional can be a blogger nowadays. After all, it’s amazing to get paid, for what you are passionate about. But many people fail to understand that blogging is not just about writing; it is a complete business that involves in-depth understanding of a topic, digital marketing and sales. You can call it an art of content marketing. People who don’t see returns drop off between 3-4 years. A few sticks around and those that stick around can make it work as stability is demanded in this field as any other.

Earnings? Here we come. In order to monetize your blog, you’ll have to eventually team up with brands for advertising, partnerships, collaborations, etc. The prime thing to earn money is to generate good content.

There are two types of collaboration, barter and paid. In barter, the blogger gets a particular product of a brand delivered at their home and then promote it on their social handles and blog. On another side, paid collaboration means you get a specific product delivered at your home and with that, you will get a certain amount of money for promoting their product.


Blogging is not restricted to male or female. Well, off lately male fashion blogging is growing fast. That’s a piece of good news for fashion lovers, especially who want to know about the latest trends in male grooming and fashion products. Male bloggers are less compared to female dominance in fashion. However in the last two years, it has garnered a lot of attention and in fact, youth have started following men’s style, fashion, hair, and grooming seriously

Blogging is a platform designed for people who love the sound of their own voice which can help a lot of people out there. The demand for content and diversity of products needs to be both depending and catering to the audience group due to different tastes and preferences. It’s good to see it, as a whole community of bloggers with both male and female.

Anyone can do it and the most amazing thing about this profession is it has no bars on age. Many mother/father bloggers are flying high in this world. If you are creative, if you have the prowess of how to carry and style yourself, you are suitable for this platform.

Expressing about which web server is best to launch a blog,  Wordpress and Blogspot are easy platforms to launch a blog; eventually, when you want to take it to the next level, you can buy your own domain and hosting and can even create your own template with the help of a digital person.



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