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Blue Fever!

Who don’t like chocolates? And blogging to me is just like an almond chocolate. Chocolate because it is a very sweet thing for me as it is defining my both the interest of writing valuable things and that too about fashion and lifestyle very well. And almond because which thing comes easy? One have to pass by hurdles to grow and shine brightly. For this i have to come up with something really unique and special every time. Plus i am trying really hard to keep my public happy and i am glad to announce that i am getting positive feedback’s for which in turn is pushing me to keep up the good work.
This is the most exciting blog post, i am going to reveal about. The specialty of this one lies in the pretty little frock style dress. I am turned up with blue fever this time shadowing it on my eyes as well by applying blue eye liner and this summer’s off-shoulder game is going even more stronger therefore i have opted one.

Babbling the components of my this look-

  • Dress- Forever New

I chose this dress from there collection because i loved the color in which it is composed. At that point of time, I was searching something which is off-shoulder, pretty short and is in frock style and this dress fulfilled my all desires. The fabric of the dress is so comfy that i can’t get over this dress.  Believe me, i was so happy and satisfied to wear it.

  • Heels- Tote’s Gallore

I wanted to match up my heels with the accessories i am going to wear and luckily i was able to accomplish my this wish. Tote’s Gallore gets the credit.

  • Accessories- Accessorize, Aldo

Okay, here is a story. I found a tattered cloth of my childhood days and got the idea of converting it into a very beautiful choker. I hope you guys will like it. And the ring which i am wearing is from Accessorize. The watch i am holding is from Aldo

Staging some more looks, have an eyeball on it.

A Life Note: I urge people to work on themselves everyday. Know yourself more and grow daily. No matter how bad or good your day is, Each day find something new either small or big so that it will help you to grow yourself in a positive way.
With huge amount of love to all, i sum up my this blog post.
Much Love <3

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