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Clovia Night Wears

Autumn is wooing around at this time of month. The most comfortable clothes which you find at this time of season is your nighy wears. I am very particular about them. They make me feel easy-breezy. Clovia is one such night wear brand which can make you feel soft and happy.
Fashion is not just about your party or event outfits. It is more, style yourself everytime and at the same time don’t forget to satisfy yourself through your clothes.
Clovia is a brand which can settle down your night wear fashion eager. And their new range of owl wears is great because of the cloth they have used in their manufacturing.
In this blog i am talking about their two outfits from new range which took my heart. One is with shorts and other one is dancing around with capri. The peak of their new range is t-shirts. All designed with something unique.
The fabric which is used to make the outfits which i have ordered is cotton rich and cotton spandex. I surely recommend you to wear these comfy night wears.
In my first look, i am wearing a deep red color t-shirt which have a very cute emoji. I personally like that emoji and that was the prime reason of choosing that wear. Also it was matching up with a black short shaded with deep red color flowers which was a cherry on the cup cake.
My second look is good to go for black lovers. The highlight of this look is the sleeves of the t-shirt, I always like to play with the sleeves of my clothes and this night wear was with cut sleeves which was enough to grab my attentio
Bottom of this look includes Capri of yellow and black color.
Have a look!




Second look





Life Note:

Believe, believe in what your inside says, believe in your plans but don’t let them overpower you.

Yes, you have learnt a lot but there is still a long way. Learning is a life long process, keep learning, keep growing.

Believe in your strengths, learn from your weakness, achieve your dreams

Be better everyday!

Much Love <3

Himani Arora

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