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Color of the Month August- White

Ring the bells, eat the berries, it’s the time to call in the color of our rainy month August. With Monsoon by its side, creating sweetness in the wind, creating peace in the air no color suits this month except white! Let’s style in white, slay in white, create fashion in white.

White color shows peace and calmness. The color is close to both hills and water, therefore, making it suitable for every kind of people. It is the time to come out of dark shades and opt something which signifies calmness, love, mercy, happiness. The color which is as soft and innocent as a newborn child.

The color of perfection is pure and can be opted by both men and women. One can wear white in numerous ways but my suggestion is girls go for white dresses and boys it’s your time to impress in white. According to me, match your white shirts with blue denim and you are ready to rock!

From white tops to white dresses, from white heels to white bags, girls can blossom like a peaceful flower in white and bang on vogue in white. Even white suits are as adorable as white dresses.

Besides, how about wearing white palazzo pants with short tops? Matching it which check tops is also one of my favorite fashion signatures these days. I believe wherever you go, leave a mark and doing it with minimal makeup is the requirement. Yes don’t overdo your look with makeup, just keep it simple. I prefer to carry white dresses with shades of pink lipstick, mostly nude pink shade.

Also, white accessories are not my cup of tea. I carry them rarely and whenever I do, I mix some colors with it. I am white outfits kinda person. Here are the looks-





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