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Color of the month July- Red

Colors are the most beautiful thing in the world. Without them, everything fades. They beautify things and make them alive. And with Monsoon around the corner, colorful things look even charming.

From flowers to clothes to food to buildings, everything has a color. Even I believe that every month has a color.

My most exciting time is writing a blog about the color of the month and following it throughout. Any guess which one takes the color of the month league ahead in July? It is our ruby color – Red.

It is the color of fire and blood, which means the color has a deep and strong connection with energy, love, strength, power, a determination as well as passion, and desire. Love is truly defined by this color, a red rose is a perfect example.

I think it is the color which can appropriately enhance your beauty and overall looks. It looks charming on both male and female. One could carry this funky color in their dress, skirt, top, footwear. Even carrying handbags or wallets in this color is a hit idea. I usually do that.

The color itself is attractive. It shines from far away and brings you near it. It is the color which is a highly visible color and is able to grab attention quickly.

I am going to follow it this month. The ruby color has many shades, dark red, maroon, light red, ruby red.

Besides, even wearing a red color lipstick gives you an extra edge.

So here’s the anthem of the month, Wear Red, Love Red, Show Red!

Check out the pictures below!








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