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Color of the Month, May- black

Colors, how beautiful are they!

Colors, how attractive are they!

Colors, how vibrant are they!

Beauty, lively, joy, the mere sight of colors brings a lot of positivity. One could not imagine stepping into life without colors.  The beauty of every month can be defined with color and the month of May calls in black.

Black color game is going strong with this shade. The color of strength can be worn in a lot of ways.

Whether it is for an office meeting or a formal event or a family function, black is the easiest way out and it makes you look slim so definitely the color is on the priority list while we think to go for shopping.

From wearing a classy LBD to the long live black palazzo, from a quintessential black t-shirt to sexy black skirts, from blending your dress with black accessories to matching it with black heels, dear girls we can carry it in every possible way. Even showing the essence of the color by carrying a black handbag with you can make you look wow.

The color has equal fame among men as well. From black t-shirts to shirts, from black trousers to black quotes, the color is available in almost every kind of clothes. Men can even show-off this shade by wearing black color shoes, belt or even black watch will do.





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