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Color of the month MAY- Green

Colors play a major role in our life. Sometimes I am painted with all black, sometimes I go for snow and rest of the times I play in the mud of colors which come in between these.

Do you know how special are colors for us? Each one of us has one or another term as our favorite color.

Mine is black and hues nearer and dearer to it but that doesn’t mean that I dislike white. Maybe I will purchase a white dress for my birthday which is coming soon. Who knows! It’s in the first week of June but let’s wait for that look.

Also, have you ever wondered that how special months are for us? Every month most of us cherish birthdays of our near and dear ones. We attend events. We celebrate festivals. Every month has one or another special thing attached to it. And with all this, each month also has a particular color

So here I am writing blogs describing which color to go with them.

I would recommend going green for May!

It is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy. Shades of green are associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.

This is the month to get wrapped in the color of the tree leaves and adapt every essence of it. I am showing this color by wearing two full-length dresses. Also, I am wearing different shades of green because we shouldn’t settle for one.

Here I am sharing two looks showcasing the color of the month.











Outfits- @Eavan


BTS- @Satpreet Singh


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