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Color of the month- October

Colors, how beautiful are they!

Colors, how attractive are they!

Colors, how vibrant are they!

One could not imagine of stepping into a life without colors. They make everything flamboyant. The beauty of every month can be defined with a color and the eighth month of the calendar; October calls in one of my favorite colors- Peach.

Peach color can be described as pale pink and belongs to a female’s favorite category.

But girls we just can’t keep this color only with us anymore because boys, boys game is going strong with this color.

Peach color zippers, color shirts are in the trend and our handsome boys are taking the pink family game seriously. The time has changed and with that, the choices are also changing. From combining peach shirts with black pants to blending peach zippers with blue types of denim, this color is not going to disappoint you, men. I recommend going with peach color upper wear and mixing it with blue/black lowers.

Dear women, we have a lot of choices to adore ourselves in this color. From wearing peach color tops to peach color dresses to peach color shrugs everything blossoms up in this cute color. Also, now is the time to up the game by blending peach with cute accessories to look elegant and pretty.

Besides, I am going gaga over peach color bags so get them, love them!

Down here are the pictures of mine wearing the peach color front short back long outfit and shower your comments about the look!




Much Love

XOXO until next!



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