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Diwali Party Look

Hey Guys!

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali<3

Festive season is my favorite, everyday something exciting is coming on my way. But amid all the decorations, lights, cleanliness of your home, shopping of gifts, don’t forget to get ready in style. Your looks is prior, always stand out. I  have created a very different Diwali party look  by wearing grey color outfit. This Diwali stand out in grey, so let’s leave all the colors and try something different.

Diwali party is one trendy thing people are excited about nowadays so i have fashioned Diwali party look.  In this look i am wearing outfit by Rima Harjani. It is a full gown with some glitters to match up the air of this festive season.

Grey shade has a lot of traits so be wise before choosing it on you. I love it but chances are there that it will not charm up everyone but you always have option to customize it in any color. The dress gives you all the benefits of customization. You can choose your favorite color and get it in it easily.

The look is dazzled up with the makeup done by The Red Fox. The ambiance of this makeup academy will surely charm up your eyes. They have a separate make up studio which is a plus for this academy. The artists are very hardworking, they know how to glow you over all. A perfect makeup academy for Delhites specially.

Have a glance at my look!









Much love to all!

Have a Safe and Happy Diwali.

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