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Don’t find in others, you are your own spark!

Let’s begin 2018 positively and merrily!

One thing which we don’t forget before the beginning of any year is making RESOLUTIONS?

Haaa! and what happens 15-20 days after that? Okay, let us not go there at all and flush it.

Everyone has dreams and a dream to achieve them.

Eagerness and excitement to see our dreams getting fulfill are one of the chief things with which we usually start our day or month or year. The feelings are correct but the way of achieving it is where we could work this time.

Rather than depending on others about helping you and create a way for your living, a person should focus on how to work harder to turn our dreams into goals.

With this theme and aim to inspire people to live a scintillate life for themselves on your own, I am opening the first page of this year. Pursuing this thought, I will try to let the fashion talk with you, walk with you as well as inspire you by etching to your heart.

I am wearing a grey colour woolen short dress with unordinary long boots in black shade. Accompanied with party poppers and glittery designs on my hand and leg, this look will bring a wide smile on your face by scrolling down the pictures.

These designs are the evidence of your inner spark which is present everywhere in you. All you need to do is to bring it out.Everything is difficult yet everything is easy, it just depends on how you see things and work for it. Instead of going to others, spend time with yourself, trust your signs, find solutions and battle the tough.

You can endeavour anything, just remember that the spark is within you.

Time to scroll through the pictures. Hope you all will like my this look…











Life note:

Time has come to bring positive changes, the time has come to think for yourself, the time has come to evolve and live a life you are dreaming of.

Everyone knows that what can make you acquire the things you are living for so start working for it. Gather all your strengths and weaknesses and make a way for you, by you before it gets too late.

Even your harsh days can be transformed into good days by not losing the hope and finding solutions for it.

Break the barriers, battle the tough and blossom your life.




Outfit- Sarojini Nagar Market (Delhi)

Boots- Shoe Me

Makeup- Maybelline






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