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Drooling over Bausch and Lomb lenses


Hey Guys!

How is your life rolling? Time changes and things attached with them also brings about a change – this exactly happened with my life. I have become so busy nowadays that i find it difficult to bring a time for myself. I am missing my space but one have to adjust in the situations to have a bright future.

Fashion and trends clubbed with fashion are also changing but it is always good to maintain your own style, that will keep you motivating.

I know i am late to deliver about my visit to this event but it is never too late. So here i am revealing about my drop at Bausch and Lomb event. I am sure you have heard about their lenses. The event was a huge hit. I like the way it was rolled.  I have wear printed cape in the event and carried a three layered boho neck piece with it. I wanted to wear something long and different then i came across this cape which appealed me a lot so i am flaunting it.

Things which attracted me at the event was-

  • They have provided lenses to every person who attended the event. Even there was a girl who was helping others to apply lenses and believe me i was one of them. :p And i have applied “AQUA” lenses. Look at the video.
  • There was a makeup team from VLCC so whole make up session was going on and they did great makeover of everyone.
  • When you go to such events, you get to meet many different kind of person so received the chance of meeting many bloggers which included Kritika Khurana.

I had great fun and it was worth being part of it. Sharing the pictures, i hope you will like my pictures wearing aqua lenses.








How often does it happen to you that you are having a great day and then something shoot up and your day is ruined? We have both low days and high days, popular days, screwed up days! But what is important is that you don’t lose hope and don’t get dishearten. In previous week i have suffered a lot. Suddenly i am loosing up my followers, i am not able to do what i want. So many dreams but don’t know the way about how to fulfill them. But i am patient, i am working on my own pace and everyone should do that. I know things will turn out eventually. My day will come, your day will come! Just wait for sun to shine for you.

Love you all !

Stay happy, Stay Calm, Stay Positive


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