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Emerson’s Insinkerator is a healthy way for food disposal

I have recently attended an event organized by Emerson to showcase their newly launched InSinkErator brand. Emerson has been stated as the world’s largest and leading manufacturer when it comes to food waste disposers for home and commercial use. It is amazing to see that it’s been over 80 years, the InSinkErator brand has been solving the issue of food waste disposal. So far, it retails the product in more than 80 countries.

I am glad I came across this cool brand which took me near recent technologies and imparted knowledge about how things are going to be in the future!

You can dispose of any kind of food waste just from your place and it will be done without any noise. From chicken bones to fibrous waste or any kind of raw or cooked food like vegetables or eggshells can be disposed of easily. Yes, it is the truth. I have tried it and it worked nicely.

How to use-

First, you need to put the food waste down the sink-hole, run cold water, then start the InSinkErator with the push of a button. Afterward, press the food waste a little which you have put down the sink-hole. You will experience that the food waste starts grinding and there will be no foul smell even. In the end, food waste will turn into a sludge-like substance which is then flushed down the drain into the main sewerage system.

The InSinkErator makes sure that all food waste gets disposed at that time itself and no food waste is thrown in the dustbin.

If you are thinking that InSinkErator will utilize a lot of water and electricity then my friend you are absolutely wrong. It uses around 1% or less of a household’s total water consumption and the average cost of electricity usage is less than 50 rupees a year.


  • Less smell, less stress- As no rotten food will be there, it will result in less smell
  • Hygiene- InSinkErator makes your kitchen hygienic as no rotten food is there.
  • Sustainable, healthy and environment-friendly- InSinkErator is even beneficial to have a healthy environment around you by disposing of food in a better way.

Currently, they have launched 5 models and you can choose among them. The price range of these InSinkErator varies from INR 18,990 to INR 67,990 depending on the model. Also, the warranty period differs from 2-year to 6-year labor and part warranty, depending on the model.

The product is new and making space for itself in the market. I am sure that the future is going to breathe on this absolutely amazing InSinkErator. After all, we need a better future right?


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