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Empower women – Shades of a woman!

Wondered how many colors a woman has? How much work she can or she does in a day? I think no one could answer these questions. Because the amount is more than the water an ocean holds, the stones a river holds or the colors a flamboyantly decorated party holds.

Considering the recent rape, molestation, and harassment issues, I urge to all the people out there that don’t mistake her silence as her weakness, she is a thunder, a storm which can destroy anything and everything.

She possesses numerous colors, numerous qualities. The tasks a woman does could hardly be managed by anyone. The way she handles and manages household work is really appreciable. Her work is the most important and the most difficult.

Every day a new color is evolved within her, don’t misunderstand her and her powers. I urge all the women to open up about the social issues, take a stand for those who are suffering, make people aware of their rights, every woman is strong, just know that and rule the world. KNOW YOU ARE THE KING!

I have heard a lot of cases in which something happened with a woman and she didn’t raise her voice, instead keep herself hanging in that pathetic condition. Kindly don’t, don’t hurt yourself. Your self-esteem is important. Know that you are special, know that you are worth a lot.

All women deserve nothing but love.

Here, I am sharing pictures showing her inside colors, showing her inner strengths, showing she is nothing but evolving every day.









I am a woman, stronger than a bridge

I am a woman, valor than an animal

I am a woman, smarter than any technology

Fearless, undaunted, lionhearted, I am a woman

I am a child of nature, I am a woman

Keep an eye on me because you don’t know what I can become.


Photography- Archita

Editing- Deepak

Makeup- morgan


Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers out there!

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