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Fashion Cheats: Middle age women it’s your time to slay in style

Are you a middle or advanced age group woman and still wearing typical Indian clothes? It’s the time to change and get in the style by arraying the trends of the contemporary world.

Whether you are a fatty or a willowy woman just lace up your boots and be trendy. Here are seven important things you can adapt to stir your life in a modish way.

  1. Be color friendly

Rather than sticking to old school colors, go for pastel hues. Shades of green, orange and blue are highly recommendable for middle and upper age women.

  1. Harem pants and palazzos

A woman can totally transform her looks by wearing Harem Pants or Palazzos with their long or short tops. A strong option in front of typical leggings and salwars, these are new and trendy lower wears which gives a completely different look.

  1. Long skirts

Long skirts are already popular among women of all the age groups. Depending on their comfort, a woman can match it with a short top or a long tunic.

  1. Gowns

Floral print long gowns or dresses with or without stockings is another great option for the women in the summer season. In the winter season, women can switch to different colours as pe their preference and can wear it with Jackets and long coats.

  1. Capris

Available in bright colours, capris make summer season cooler and bright. Only those women can wear it who are comfortable in wearing tops and t-shirts otherwise they can destroy your overall look. Play safe by wearing it with shirts in the colour of a rainbow.

  1. Accessories

Even if you are not comfortable in wearing jeans, tops and all western fashion. But complementing your Indian outfit with big artificial neckpieces can always charm your look. A person can wear a white kurta with leggings of any colour and can either match a neck piece with it or beautify the look by wearing earrings with it.

  1. Play with shoes

Either it is wedges, flip-flops, sneakers, or mules, everything you can think about can be worn by women of any age. Barring high heels, just for the sake of their own comfort, a woman can wear any existing shoes which she wishes to. With so many options, it seems an aging woman can look as trendy as she was in her young days just by going with the appropriate options available in front of her.

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