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Flames of light

Rays of light, most important part of any shoot, any picture, any photography. No shot can take place without the spirit of light. Even if you want to snap a picture in extreme dark, you have to flash some light. Illumination is everything, no illumination means no shoot.

But what about when we present a photo with a mixture of lights? Imagine flashes of blue, red, yellow, white lights coming together and creating a master piece of a picture by  swooping in on the main subject.  Flames of Light, carrying it as a concept of my this shoot to highlight significance of light.

I tried to keep a simple makeup so that more room to play with the lights is given. Eye shadows and dark lipstick give an additional support to the concept. Getting into clothing, bare face with makeup can be seen, no clothes will appear to your eyes as it was a portrait shoot. Flower as a prop is used for bringing life in the shoot as most of the captures are of dead look.

Unveiling how lights are so empowered that they can make a numb lively by presenting portrait pictures with blend of many lights to create fusion between fashion and light.

Airing a photography oriented shoot, have a look guys.







Photography- Ranjan Mill

Makeup- Amber

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