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For the love of handmade wall hangings

Handicraft is one of the oldest and celebrated handmade art that has a variety of work. In this art field, useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using simple tools. From pots and planters to unique wall hangings, from cups and mugs to spice boxes, handmade items represent the culture and tradition of a country. Handicraft truly promotes heritage through the use of indigenous materials.

One of the most amazing sites to buy handicraft products is ExclusiveLane. It is an online craft brand that began in 2012 with a vision to promote crafts globally. It helps small artisans all over India to earn a living out of it.

ExclusiveLane brings a lot of handicraft products on the plate. The products include hand-painted ceramic dinner plates, katoris, bowls, handmade decorative wall hanging, jewelry, and many more.


Each handmade product tells a story. A story that has a vision, a story that has colors, which has an art. ExclusiveLane has brought out the talented designs and art of many artists. One of the best products in their collection is a wall hanging.

With their ability to blend in any space, Wall hangings make for a go-to home decor piece. They have a variety of colors and finishes which makes the beautiful wall hanging the focal point of your home as they bring forth a big, positive yet aesthetic impact to the interiors of any home.

Here are three kinds of wall hanging you can have at your home-

  • Owl Wall Hanging-

Ideal to be used in your garden, terrace, balcony, home, or in a kids’ room, Owl wall hanging is popularly believed to protect one from bad luck and evil in many cultures while adding beauty to your walls. The owl wall hanging has many options like you can get them in pair or single owl hanging with a bell or owl family. The owl hanging can be considered as a perfect addition to the monotony of urban life and a model gift for near and dear ones.

  • Handmade and Hand-Painted Garden Decorative Wall-

To beautify the outdoor walls of your house, you can go with these Garden Decorative wall hanging. These wall hangings showcase animals like horses, rabbits, duck, fishes, and many more. They are one of a kind multi-colored hangings that you can always use to lighten up the outdoor and make it lively.

  • Mantra Wall Hanging-

You can always go with wall hangings that have quotes or mantra written on them. Content which you want to read again and again, which brings peace to your mind you can always have that on your house wall. These are widely famous and very high in demand.

You can place wall hangings in the living room, bedroom, guest room, and even kitchen. The beauty of wall hangings is they mix up in any space easily. The wall hangings have endless options for the color shades that you can choose from. So you can choose the right color wall hanging according to your wall and that’s it, see the magic. Wall hangings are truly an incredible piece of art.

Also, you can even relocate the wall hanging easily within minutes. They are lightweight and easy to move. You can create a new and fresh look every time with them. Even you can mix the wall hanging with other home decor pieces. Wall hangings are affordable pieces of home decor products. You can play around with them, re-arrange them in a little amount of time.





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