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Here’s how you can create your own foot spa at home!

From raindrops to fresh air, from the entrance of much-awaited fruits to the endless shopping sales, Monsoon season has a lot in its bucket. But with all the sweetness, here are some spices which enter with this season.

Monsoon season brings in some skin problems also such as a dry and dull foot. Our feet are most prone to infections in this time, thanks to the damp weather and dirty water. And how many times you can take foot spa or pedicures or even foot massage?

So, Here I am telling you how to create a spa at home and take care of your feet! Below are the feet essentials you need to have for best feet care.

  • Tub: It is the most essential thing as it is required to put your feet in the warm water. A plastic tub works perfectly for it.

  • Salt: Available at every home mostly, everyone cooks food at their home at least once a day right? Salt is required to remove foot odor. It helps to clean your foot in a better way.
  • Oil: To enjoy best of it, you need to have an oil and put some drops of it in the warm water. I suggest to have lavender, I go gaga-over its fragrance.

  • Loofah: It is required to rub your feet to remove the dirt and clean it nicely. Without this, your foot cleanliness is just incomplete. Also, you can clean your nails by cutting them off with a nail cutter.

  • Moisturizer: It’s very important to apply a good moisturizer or body butter after you are done with home spa! It gives softness to your foot.

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