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Here’s the vintage accessory we can revive from 1920’s

Hats were a must-have accessory in the 1920s. Jazz Age darlings were known to never leave the house without something covering their heads. Vintage hats have incredible appeal. Not only they provide a fashionable twist on any outfit but also harken back to a time when fashion was about breaking boundaries and making social statements.

Stylish vintage hats and headwear have been immortalized in popular television shows and films, creating a renewed interest in these fun and beautiful accessories. These vintage hats were popular in the 1920s and still remain relevant to this day.

Cloche Hats

Cloche Hats were extremely popular in the 1920s. Characterized by a round, tight fitting design, these hats often had slight brims that served as an interesting design element. Often adorned with accessories like Art Deco beading or stylish embroidery, there was a cloche hat that was perfect for every occasion.

Not only did cloche hats make a splash when it came to fashion, but they also compliment other elements of style. Women in this era were beginning to wear short, cropped or bobbed hairstyles that lie close to the head. Cloche Hats perfectly compliment this style, making them the ideal accessory for trend-setting women with contemporary hairdos.


Straw Hats

Another vintage hat that became popular during the 1920s was the Straw Hat or Boater Hat. These summer hats were popular with both men and women and became essential accessories when participating in outdoor leisure activities that quickly gained popularity in the 1920s. These hats featured a cylindrical top surrounded by around brim, all manufactured from tightly weaved straw.

These vintage hats were characterized as men’s accessories, and often would be worn on college campuses or during alumni events. Women, however, were also known to wear straw hats of a similar fashion. Often, women’s straw hats lie somewhere between the fashionable Cloche Hat and the men’s Boater Hat, featuring the same woven straw and brim.

Turban Hats


Turban Hats are a trend that defined fashion during the 1920s. Often made from a velvet or other soft material, these wrapped the head and were characterized by a twist or knot at the center. While sometimes worn plain, they were often adorned with a jeweled brooch or feathers for added appeal.

While hats were often thought of as casual accessories, Turban Hats were frequently worn with formal gowns. They were one of the only hats that were decidedly dressy enough to be worn with evening attire, making them a chic and sophisticated accessory for women everywhere.

It’s the time, time to call them back and flaunting them in style. Autumn season calls for uniqueness and I think it’s time to bring back our classy and vintage hats!

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