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How to be your own valentine, things to do!

Single? Yet want your Valentine’s day to be the best? At least better than quintessential cheesy couples?

Give yourself a priority and start making a list of things you would love to do. Choose the one which goes best with your mood at that particular time.

And that is a Eureka!

But still, if you are not able to find what to do then here is the list of things to do to make your Saint Valentine’s Day special and memorable.


It is one thing that will never disappoint you irrespective of your gender. One can happily go for it. The only concern is whether your dime a dozen or own a few ten-cent coins to spend on the shopping. Depending on how much money you have in your pocket, you can go for shopping on streets, big brands in malls, or if nothing goes well with your mood choose for the window shopping.


How about having a peaceful relaxing time at your favourite spa salon? This is one of the best things as while others will be busy buying gifts for their loved ones and rushing to book a table in restaurants and cafes, you will be having a pleasant time.

Movie Time at Home:

We don’t ask you to book a ticket to watch a movie in a theatre instead we recommend you to view your favourite movie with a bite of popcorn and a sip of coke while lying on your comfortable bed. You can also opt for watching a web series on Netflix.

Drink a Cocktail:

How about skipping a day of your life? All you need to do is have one glass or two glasses of colourful, fruity Zombie cocktail and have a secluded, restful sleep for hours on Valentine’s day.

Zombie cocktail was concocted in the 1930’s by Donn Beach, a restaurant owner in Hollywood. It is a smooth, fruity cocktail whose chief ingredients are different kinds of rum, lime juice, falernum, angostura bitters, Pernod, grenadine, and ‘Don’s Mix,’ a combination of cinnamon syrup and grapefruit juice.

Another drink which can swing your mood and make you high is Jungle Juice. The drink is appealing to eyes and is prepared with fresh fruits. The drink doesn’t taste like alcohol but can surely make you high.


Instead of lollygag, you can explore unexplored places in your respective areas and eat street food. Because there is always someplace and some food which you wish to visit and eat but didn’t get the time. So this is the moment!

It seems that singles can also easily and happily spend this day without having a trouble of seeing their friends going out with their partner.

So, plan your day and have a good 14 February.


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    April 17, 2019 at 9:25 am

    Hey Himani,
    A lot of point that you covered especially in this article like shopping,drinking cocktails,movies and exploring places are all more joyous if you do it with someonelse.

    I like being in company with those 7-8 years old and behaving just like them what about you.

    By no means I promote loneliness

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