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How to spend last month, December’18

Ring a bell, tap your feet, hold a glass and dress up lavishly because it’s the time to enter the last month of 2018! For me, December is the craziest of all. From wedding season to Christmas, from the fragrance of endless food to the taste of the plum cake, everything is just a dream, besides the thought of something new coming up, and feeling of fresh beginnings is nothing less than the cherry on the cupcake.

Here are the ideas how to make December’18 craziest of all-

Okay so let’s do something weird rather than just babbling.

This one is to those who are introverts. It’s the month to open up our hearts to which we wanted to since last December maybe? Dahh! It’s the time, speak man speak. It’s now or never. Start sharing your feelings to the one you wanted to. Either it’s a fight with your friends, family or expressing your feelings to someone special, express now!

A vacation never harms anyone and if it’s Goa in December, I say hell yes! To explore Goa at its best December is the month. Flamboyantly decorated streets, dancing trees, cheerful lights are a few of the things which you will come across in Goa. I would suggest going there after mid- December by having a cheerful Christmas and New Year!

How about learning something new? Learning something which you wanted to since ages? Maybe it is learning a new language, how to play guitar, how to paint or even how to cook. Fulfill your prolonged wish before 2018 gets over!

Shopping? Oh yes, girls… I suggest buying at least one thing which you are dying to! Even if they are chocolates! Also, if you thought to get tattooed this year and haven’t yet, you still have time to fulfill your this desire!

Not forget to mention, December is the wedding month so you can, of course, go for it. Maybe wedding bells are ringing for you!

And I? I am going to follow my heart and do each and everything which my heart says this month because I know I have got only one December 2018 so it is now or never. Follow your wishes guys.


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