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How to spend time at home during Covid-19

As relaxing as it sounds, spending time at home is not easy at least after spending 4-5 days it becomes so frustrating. With the Corona Virus outbreak and the news of spending at least 21 days at home in India, people are actually finding it difficult to spend their days at home. To ease this time at home a little bit, here I am sharing a few activities which you can do at home.

Bond with Family

Do you remember when was the last time you sit with your family and spend this amount of time? Played games together and even had a meal of all three times, morning, afternoon and evening together? I think you can really enjoy this time with family and bond with each other, understand each other more. Play games with each other. We are playing cards a lot.

Cook food



Okay, I am doing a lot of it. I am not a kitchen person but currently, I am enjoying it. So far I have made dalgona coffee, momos, samosa, cake. I found cooking relaxing and trust me it takes out a good amount of time of your day. So, keep cooking every day. Try on making different dishes each day.


This is one activity that refreshes you. You can do it every day. Spending some time near flowers and plants actually makes you happy. I sit with them every day. Also, as it is spring season the view is really amazing. I hope you have some plants at home and if not grow it now.

Watch Movies/Series

I think there is no one out there who is not doing this activity. Even I am watching a lot of series and movies. So far I have watched Kill Bill, Parasite, Two and a Half Men. I am spending a good amount of time on this especially night hours. I am a night person so it explains.

Make Videos and Click Pics


As people have got a lot of free time, you can easily make some useful videos and share that content on social media. Make sure those are positive videos as it really helps to watch something positive amidst this Corona Pandemic. You can make videos while doing your hobbies, or even create some videos on Tiktok.

This time is teaching a lot of lessons to all of us. We never thought a situation like this will arrive but everything is unpredictable, right? This very time is teaching us how co-existence is very important. I don’t remember when was the air quality index so good or when I used to hear birds chirping like the way they are now. It’s not only humans who are living but many other species are also there and need to give a lot of importance which we were unable to give sadly. Let’s take it positively and I am sure this Corona Virus period is gonna end super soon. Its end is near. Don’t lose hope. We have got this.

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