How to take care of Hair this Monsoon season

The tough job there! Handling hair in Monsoon is one thing we can’t do properly. As a result of many girls chop-off their hair. Bob style! But do we really want that? Na, I feel each girl want to enjoy the rain with their hair also.

The drop of rain on hair and then moving head left and right just to get the feel of the wet hair, Monsoon really is special and therefore to not miss a single feeling of this pretty weather, here are some tips how to handle hair well in the Monsoon season!


Hair Wash

Wash hair twice a week.  Because of excess pollution and dust particles, it has become really important to care well of your hair. Always shampoo from root to tip. And use a mild yet deep cleansing shampoo!

Hair Champi

Nothing can beat the magic of good old hair oil massage during Monsoon season. Sometimes it acts as deep conditioning too. Also, It naturally boosts the moisture in the hair which revitalizes dry strands. Once in a week is good to go to do good care of your hair!

Don’t Tie Your Hair

If you tie your hair, it will give room to rainwater to hibernate in the hair. As a result, it will make your hair frizzy. And frizzy hair plus rain is not a good combination! Even if you want to tie your hair, go for loose buns or ponytails.

Pick the right comb

Always try to use a wide-tooth comb whenever your hair is wet. It is your best bet in the rains. Even in any season, it is better to use a wide-tooth comb.

Good Conditioning of hair

Apply conditioner after every hair wash. Apply it only to the ends and lengths of your hair.

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