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How to take care of your feet in the autumn season

Dry skin? Dry feet? Cracks in the feet? Laceration? Ahh! Tell me about it. The season of colors which gives a taste of cooler conditions, popularly known as autumn truly has many shades.

On one side, it forces each one of us to enjoy every bit of its forms by staying out. Whether it is morning, afternoon or evening, the weather allows you to go out and enjoy the budding cooler season and on another side, it brings up diseases like cold, fever and majorly skin problems.


One of the major drawbacks of the autumn season is dry feet. So here’s how to take care of your feet this September

  1. Wash your feet often, it comes under basics as well as essentials. It will help your feet to remain fresh and germs free
  2. Readers, Dry your feet well. It is a must. Dry your feet especially after bathing as unthaw water between your fingers could create dryness and laceration and you would be forced to scratch the skin, again and again, causing a lot of pain
  3. Moisturise your feet–  Dear lovely people, for better and soft skin you should relax your skin by applying moisturizers
  4. Avoid wearing high heels– Instead of high heels opt for wedges. Wedges are more comfortable! And a person like me would suggest going to the office wearing your relaxing sleepers. Comfort is the prime man!
  5. Change your socks often to avoid foot odor and wear open slippers. Boys and girls go for loafers and sandals. They work better in autumn.



If you feel that the cracks in your feet or dryness of your feet are increasing then apply coconut oil before going to bed.

Hope you all have an awesome blossom autumn!

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