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Mastiii Zone, fun place to hangout in Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida  

From mesmerizing VR games to cheerful snow mastiii, from wow bowling area to crazy zipline, from colorful trampoline Park to scary house of the dead, Mastiii Zone is one of a kind place in Delhi Ncr to have one memorable day.

Located at Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida MastiiI Zone can give you the feeling of chills in any weather with their Snow Zone. It has a temperature of -12 degrees.

Snow mastiii has pretty nice rides inside it. The rides are easy and can make your time really happy. It comprises of 2-3 rides. My favorite was their gondola ride. With this ride, you can see the whole snow mastiii from above. The feeling was so good. The best thing was the snow in the snow mastiii was clean and fresh. There were so many helpers inside to help you if required. It’s a well-maintained place with wow ambiance. I don’t think you can feel this much winter in any season of Delhi.


In fact, this is one of a kind place of India, Mastiii Zone has so many games and zone in it that you can spend your whole day so cheerfully with your friends or family. Yes, you can visit this place with your friends, family both. It’s truly a place full of masti.

Besides, VR games are also fun to be around here. Skywalk, roller coaster feels are a few of them. I did roller coaster one three times, it was that good. It made me feel that I was really there I got goosebumps, the ride was so fast man! Skywalk was another highlight. I am scared of heights so I thought let’s try virtual one at least. My experience was nice.


Taking you towards the bowling area, it was like any other bowling zone but with so much maintenance and great hospitality. The feel of the place was positive.

Even there was a haunted house named the house of the dead, although it had robotic ghosts but it was a shit lot of scary at least for me. I am never going to enter any haunted house, I am sure about it. Oh yes! absolutely no.

Talking about my time at the Trampoline park, It actually made me remember my childhood. How I used to jump and enjoy my time. It was so peaceful and easy- jump, jump, fall, repeat!

The Mastiii zone is a total fun as it has more than 80 rides to make your day wow. Some of them are bowling, superbike video game, car VR, Cricket Simulator, Bumper Car, Sweet Fun among others.

It’s a total yes to visit this place, hope you will enjoy as much as I did.


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