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Monsoon Essentials: Skin care things you need to keep in your bags!

Impressive by name, mischievous by fame Monsoon season is full of colors. The season even gives you the happiness of drinking chai with pakoras while enjoying the rain. With so many exciting things, the season also brings in dryness for your skin, ah!

So here is a quick detail of things you should keep in your bags to stay beautiful all day.

  • Moisturizer- Going through dry skin time? It’s essential to keep a moisturizer in your bag. You can keep applying it in every 2-3 hours so that your skin remains soft and clean.


  • Face Wash– With so much humidity outside, It has also become essential. Even so much sand in the wind calls for a wash twice or even thrice a day. It will make you feel fresh and of course, twirl your hectic day into a lighter one.

  • Fragrances- Monsoon days are a bit cruel to us and we don’t want it worst by stinking so here’s a thing don’t forget to keep a perfume in your bag. It comes in basics whichever whether it is. oh yes!


  • Lip Balm- Dry lips is one of the most common things we all face during our beloved Monsoon season. Applying a lip balm every 2-3 hours really helps to get rid of this dryness. I like strawberry or berry lip balms. My personal favs are from the Body Shop!


  • Sunscreen- It prevents tanning and is also very beneficial as it shields from harmful UV Rays. It also helps to maintain the health of the skin. The essential skin proteins, such as collagen, keratin, and elastin are protected by sunscreen. These proteins are required for keeping the skin smooth and healthy.

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