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Monsoon Special: Here are drinks you can sip!

Hold your breath guys, one of the amazing seasons Monsoon is showering its footsteps. I really can’t keep calm. I love the rain, its voice, its fragrance, even the mere sight of watery roads make me happy!

One of the things I love to do in Monsoon season is to sip on something while watching the cloudy gloom outside. So, here I am telling you on what all things you can keep your eyes to rock your balcony time!

Lemon and Ginger Tea

With the ability to boost the immune system, this combination is one of my favorites to enjoy the cheerful weather outside.


Another on my plate is a decent hot and sour soup. Staring the greenery outside while sipping hot soup, even if it’s knorr’s soup, is one thing I rely on.


Okay, those who know me well know that my day without coffee is incomplete. So whichever weather it is a coffee a day is a must situation for me. Dear coffee, I have a thing for you, I am addicted to you. Also, depending on the mood I change the coffee’s appearance. Sometimes I prefer in a glass (cold), sometimes in a mug (hot).

Milk Tea

Commonly named as “chai”, commonly found in the heart of many. This tea can be found in many roadside stalls. A day of Delhi people is incomplete without this tea. Eating pakoras while sipping this tea is quite a mood of Delhiites.

Green Tea

Dear health-conscious people, green tea is a thumbs up for you. Even I have it when I feel I have eaten a lot of food in a day. It increases fat burning and improves physical performance.


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