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My 5 Favorite Colored Kajals/Eyeliners

Hey Peeps!

Today i am going to tell you about my favorite colors of eyeliners/Kajal. All of them are rolling from the same brand Chambor. They are just awesome, Best thing about them is they can be used in both ways as kajal or eyeliner. Therefore it is up to you and your mood in which way you want to use it and enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Chambor is one stop to make your eyes beautiful and that is enough to brighten up your day. I hope you will like them to a great extent just like me. Beautiful eyes are capable enough to capture one’s heart beat.  I really like to apply colored kajals as i feel they are perfect to give an extra essence to your eyes.

Eyes are my strong focus while doing makeup and getting ready. I feel like you can always attract things through your eyes. Therefore always try to make your eyes so beautiful that everyone wish to give a glance towards them.

Try to make them so wonderful that one should feel the beauty of world through your eyes.

My personal favorite colors are blue, black, green, pink and golden. Staging the pictures while applying kajals/eyeliners in this color.

1. This is Chambor’s blue eyeliner. As i have mentioned earlier you can apply it both ways as kajal or eyeliner. And when you have applied them there is no need of add-on make up to your eyes. Glimpses of these Kajal/eyeliners are enough to shine up your eyes. Have a look at the picture below.

2. Black is black and black is love. When nothing goes with your mood, apply black eyeliner. It will cheer up your mood just like the picture below 😀


3. I am recently crushing over green kajals. They are perfect for a happening day and gives you an astounding look by making your eyes very beautiful.

4. Nothing is better then applying hot pink color liner on your eyes. They make your eyes look more attractive and scintillating. 

5. Golden is the mark of brightness. The beauty which a gold liner can provide is not match able. It lights up your eyes with a unique spark and gives them the power to voice up and speak. It actually  makes your eyes scintillating. 


A Life Note:-  I am talking about how to make your eyes beautiful by applying eyeliners/kajals of different colors above but have you thought what can make your eyes most beautiful?

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others.

For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.

And for poise walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

 – Audrey Hepburn

I found his words very useful to live a healthy life and thought of sharing it with you all. Just keep these few things in your mind and you are capable enough to live a peaceful and happy life.

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