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Natural ways to protect yourself from scorching sun

Summer waves in with cool drinks, happy clothes, pool parties. But with so many perks, here is a jerk as well in the form of scorching heat, oh hello sun! yes, I am talking about you. Thanks for being kind and unkind both to us!

On one side, we hear warnings about the sun causing premature aging and even skin cancer

On the other side, we know that Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin” which keeps our bones strong and protects us from many problems such as depression, diabetes, cancer, and even heart disease. So, it’s important to have sun exposure.

What exactly needs to do? Should we be scared sunless or let the sunshine in?

The truth is that the sun is here for us, and we need to learn to use it wisely!

Minimal daily exposure to the sun is healthy. But we cannot really keep it minimal so here are the natural ways which you can adapt to give your skin the best chance of staying youthful and healthy.

Aloe Vera

It is one of the best natural things to apply if you are planning to spend a bit too much time in the sun. It calms your skin and helps as a soother and healer for the skin.

Green Tea

Green tea helps to prevent non-melanoma skin cancer. It also helps to protect from harmful UV rays.

Edible Oils 

Consuming healthy oils such as coconut, olive, sesame, borage, and avocado helps in keeping the skin healthy and more resistant to sun damage.

Also, you can accessorize with a hat that shades your face, neck, and ears and a pair of sunglasses. Even you can wear shrugs over your top to make it a bit better.

This summer just be smart and don’t be afraid of the sun. Your mind should only think about spending your summer cheerfully!



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