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Fashion? What makes sense to you, what satisfies you is fashion. With spring season ringing its bell, all we will come across is everything sunny and pleasant.  Here I am sharing a few outfit ideas, hair as well as accessory ideas to go with this spring season and look amazing because it’s now or never.

  1. Short Hair

With the sun on the head and everything hot around, one can really opt for short hair and look classy. Suit yourself with a bob cut and slay. Also, you can go with colored hair rather than going with the ordinary.

  1. Nail Art

It’s time to paint our nails in summery colors. Let’s make them look alive with vibrant shades. Who is looking for a rainbow on nails? I am! Let’s welcome spring season in style.

  1. Light Make-up

One of the things we used to do in the winter season is over-do with make-up and we have no regrets for it. I mean why would we? Makeup gives you that extra edge and I have a thing for highlighters just like you. Coming back to the present weather, all we can do is nude make-up or very light make-up and keep it simple with eye shadow colors such as brown, pink. I suggest going with colored liners instead of eye-shadows as well. Eyeliner colors such as blue, silver, green, brown will make you totally pretty.

  1. Accessory

Three words- Funky, classy and extra-ordinary, I suggest following these 3 words when it comes to accessories. Besides gold, you can also go with silver and black color accessories. Common accessories you can go with are hand chunks, earrings, three layered neckpieces.

  1. Outfit

Floral outfits bring out the best images in you. Never say never to them. You can also go with vibrant colors. This new season is all about light and easy colors so let’s just not complicate the colors and go with easy-breezy shades like blue, pink, white, yellow.


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