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Public toilets can be hygienic now, use Pee Safe

Pee Safe is a toilet seat sanitizer spray for both men and women which can be used to kill germs of the toilet seat leaving behind the fragrance. The portable bottle is founded  by Mr. Vikas. The product was launched three years ago but it has been only seven-eight months that people started recognizing it.

The product is essential to carry as it reduces risk of Urinary Tract Infection and other bathroom borne diseases. Its smallest can is of 40ML and largest is 120ML.

They are supplying it in three bottles depending upon their capacity. Smaller one cost you Rs. 120 whereas larger is for Rs. 500. Many of public toilets are dirty and we don’t feel comfortable using them but this particular Pee Safe can solve this issue.

According to me, every women should carry this in their bags considering the safety of their own health. Although I was not sure about this product when I heard about it. I took it as any other product in the market but the company approached me again, I thought I should try it. I found it absolutely hygienic and now I always carry it with myself everywhere.

Most of women carry hand sanitizer in their bags but now it is the time to put toilet sanitizers as well.

Usage- Pee Safe can be used by spraying it on the toilet seat and waiting for 5-10 seconds before using it.

Best thing about the product is we don’t need to clean up before and after the use. It evaporates in a few seconds leaving back a clean toilet seat. I feel the product is necessary for me as because of my work I often use public toilets.

Where to buy- The easiest way to get this product is to order online from Amazon or Nykaa.


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