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Quarantine Days: How to take care of coloured hair during lockdown

Almost every other woman has applied color on her hair and with the ongoing lockdown due to Covide-19, it has become really difficult to take special care of our colored hair. Over a period of time, the optimum state of grace of any hair color fades. An incorrect hair care routine can actually damage our hair a lot. Therefore it is really important that during this lockdown, one must take care of colored hair to make the hair color last longer.

Here I am sharing a few tips one must follow during quarantine:

To keep your colored hair healthy you must follow the golden rule of cleaning, caring, and protecting your hair.


One must use a color-protecting shampoo. Use lukewarm or cool water/ turn down water to wash your hair. It is an absolute essential as hot water can cause the hair color to fade sooner. Also, don’t wash your hair frequently. It will make your hair dull, lose its shine, dry, and porous.


Applying a mask after the shampoo is an absolute essential. It is important to use a mask every time you shampoo and keep it on for 5 minutes at least. A deeply nourishing mask ensures that your colored hair looks healthy.

It’s always good to do deep conditioning of your colored hair. Sharing a quick process- The first step is to apply the mask then make a bun and put on a shower cap. Wash out after 5 mins and that’s it!


Apply hair serum to protect your hair from sun rays and UV rays. Serum offers multiple benefits to our hair. It helps in providing lightweight nourishment, protecting the color from oxidation while providing 96 hours of frizz control.
One can apply a few drops of Serum to your (dry or damp) hair every day.

Also, I suggest not to do over-styling of colored hair. Excessive heat will strip away color and lead to dry and damaged hair.

Happy Hair Care!

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