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Quarantine: How to celebrate your birthday during lockdown


Hey, hey just to let you know that you are not alone in this and it’s not only your birthday which has come during this time quarantine time which happened due to COVID-19. We all are together in this. So, what if you can’t go out to party this time it’s going to be different and we also crave for something different.

So, those who have their birthdays during quarantine time don’t get depressed, you can seriously enjoy your day during this period and have some cheerful time as in the end you have your own company to enjoy and that really matters right? Hell yes!

All that matters is you make your day memorable and here I thought of the amazing things you can do to make your day joyful during this quarantine time.

First thing first, wake up, go in your balcony, window area and enjoy the lovely view. Smile at the sun, the plants, the special view which nature has curated for you.

After this take a bath and after that wear your lower and easy-breezy shirt because you are moving towards the kitchen. Of course, it’s your day, you have to cook something special. You can take someone else if you have other people around you at home and make your favorite dish. If you don’t have ingredients at home to make your favorite dish then let’s move and make your second best dish and the moving continues until you reach that dish for which you have all the ingredients at your home. Don’t forget to make a cake and if you cannot make a sweet dish and if that also you cannot let’s settle for a bar of chocolate. I am sure you must be having one chocolate at your home at least.

And then its time to change clothes and dress up. Oh yes, even if you are at home don’t forget to look good, I would rather say dress up your best because you are going to be on video calls with many people and let’s leave that homely pajama feeling a bit aside for this day.

Now, decorate your room with whatever material you have, dim the lights of the room, lit your room with the candles, diya whatever you have and sit with your phone/laptop and start talking to your loved ones, friends on the video call while having the meal and showing these classy vibes to them.

After the chit-chat let’s turn on the music and you can dance here while your friends can do the same at their respective places and you all can enjoy watching each other on the video call. I really love this part. Afterward, you can collect all the videos and combine them into one and share it on your social media handles.

You can also spend this day doing your favorite hobby. Trust me that will make you so joyful. Also, you can watch a movie/series of your choice while sipping your home-made drink. It can be a cold coffee as well.

Another thing you can do is do some charity work by donating a sum of amount in some NGO. Okay, you don’t have to go out for it. You can do online payment.

I am sure many of us are finding this time difficult but this too shall pass. All you need to do is be positive and stay home. We all can do this.

Birthday people don’t forget that you are awesome. Just be happy in every scenario.

I wish Happy Birthday to all those who have their birthdays during this lockdown.



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