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Motivation is what I look for, Integrity is what I can die for and courage is what I am made of. These are not mere words instead they are capable of making a brighter you. Motivation keeps us going so here I have come up with some inspiring quotes to help each one of us live a positive life.


  • Maybe it is not your best day, maybe not the best weather, maybe not the best time, but during this minimal experience of my life I have learned that time can flick at any moment


  • Part of me want to rush back, rush back to the dream palace where I forget every problem, every mess but rest of me say I am daring, I can fight every hurdle, I am a warrior so darling here I am saying hello to everyone waiting… It is the time to face it


  • Tonight think about those who cared about you when no one did, think about those to whom you didn’t give much attention, tonight say thanks to those who were truly there for you, who are willing to sacrifice everything for you, tonight is the night to attain peace of mind and heart


  • People- They will disappoint you, People- They will ditch you, People- They will play with your fillings, People- They will break you, People- They will judge you


  • You haven’t seen actual struggles in life until you came across some failures


  • Positive, negative both situations will turn up to test you, never give up on real you, know your strengths and keep fighting


  • If you are self-satisfied then nothing else matters but if you do not then work for it







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