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Secrecy- Hidden Feelings

Women, yes i am a woman. A woman who wants to enjoy all the rights and wish to be treated equally with men always. I am a woman who have a right to speak in front of the people and tell her opinions freely.Thanks to the government who made a law so that men and women should be treated equally and enjoy same freedom.

But in reality how many of us are actually treated equally? How many can speak and tell her opinions freely? Is there people who respect her opinions?  For her no means no but who understands her and respect her decision? Is she not corned down in various ways?

There are scars, hidden scars on the thinking of people, hidden scars on the faces of women telling even if she is free, she is not completely free. There is pain in her eyes which has not vanished even after having freedom since long time. Women have boundaries and she is told to hold her back in various ways.

Secrecy- The condition of being hidden or concealed (absence of sound)

Airing a look with spots on my face. These unequal spots define small and big pains of women, her problems. She cannot make a sound even if she is living a pathetic life, she have to live with it, without making a noise. A theme which show there is still a lot to dig out, her inner pain, a bundle of tortures which she never shows but is suffering since ages.

I raise up my voice- not so i can shout, but so that voice without a noise can be heard. Your eyes will speak that. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back so open up and one day things will be in your favor just work for it.







|Because the hope in her eyes will never die|


|Always looking for a chance when she will have the liberty to speak freely|


|Her dreams are as much shattered as her voice, maybe one day will come, when she will break all the barriers and her silence will turn into strong voice|





To all the women out there who are suffering in their life because of one or another reason, ask yourself a question where will this going to take you , if it is going to benefit you in anyway? Stop hurting yourself. Be strong and fight back, be your own priority. You deserve a lot more my darling! Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Much Love

Himani Arora


Concept and pc- Ranjan Mill

Makeup- Kanika Maheshwari Dhawan

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