Sixth edition of Grub Fest in Delhi, 2017

Surfeit of colors, aroma of dishes, beats of music and toast of bottles were imbibed in the ambience of the Grub Fest, 2017 which was held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium(JLN). On your first footstep, Flavors of food provided by various brands changes your mood and swing up your mouth by forcing you to taste as many dishes as possible.

Counting on big brands like Fat Lulu’s, Imperfecto, Ministry of beer, Unplugged, Molecule will make it difficult for you to choose which one to go with. When big brands where on peak, medium brands were not left behind, Patiala tigers was one such brand which took my heart away with their Talli Chicken dish. It was made with chicken marinated in beer and barbecued with addition of rum. The tender pieces of chicken had a spicy taste along with the flavor of rum. Its other specialty, Tequila Kalmi was boneless piece of chicken grilled with a high flame and two shots of tequila added over the chicken. Some other pacers of medium level were Big Yellow door, Sardarbuksh and Bublin.

Also, food trucks from Delhi and NCR were appropriately highlighting there presence marking that the Grub fest is bigger this time. Food trucks like Flip, Tafri, Grubtrotters and Bhookbox were present there to fulfill your hunger chiefly for desi rolls, samosa, burgers and sandwiches.

My favourite among big brands was Imperfecto, the ambience as well as food has sprinkled their mark on me. I love their cocktails and white sauce pasta.

When so much food was there how drinks can be at the back? Sardarbuksh was one such brand who was all into shakes and coffee’s, huge queues were seen outside their cannopy. A sure shot which appealed to my eyes. Apart from it you can easily get alcoholic drinks, considering their prices were almost double.

But a meal is never complete without desert, Especially when desert is waffles. Many waffle brands were there but i found Bublin the best. The crunch, the view of melted chocolate split over waffle, the presentation, the taste all made me crave for it. It was one of a kind bubble waffle because to its flamboyant presentation. Excluding waffles, other mouth sweetened  items were candies, paan, pastries and cakes.


Take a look at the ambiance of the Grub Fest, 2017




Let’s put our hand on food and food stalls

Patiala Tigers


Talli Chicken





How i styled myself?

Keep it simple. I wore a full sleeves dress of black color with pinch of blue in with. I opted for gladiators to make sure that my every footstep is as comfortable as possible.






Let me take you towards deserts to crave your mouth a bit more!


Paan at Banaras


Bublin nutella waffle


Apart from food, Grub fest includes games, clothing, vapes and some other eye-catchy stalls. This time, it has also marked the launch of “Madame Tussaud wax museum” just to give the essence of it as the museum is going inaugurate in Delhi during first week of December. The dummy museum at Grub fest includes mannequin of Hrithik Roshan, Justin Bieber.

Have a look-


Until next bye and be happy always.

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