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Slaying Pakistani Style in My Way


Are you the one who is high on Pakistani makeup these days  just like me? I am flaunting my Pakistani look in this blog post by adoring myself and I seriously can’t get over it. Trust me Pakistani makeup is love and can blossom your looks all over.

Fashion makes sense but it makes more sense when you weave it in your own way. Trying and experimenting Pakistani look on myself was a big challenge to me because Pakistani girls have different face cut and even they do a different style of makeup. They pump it little more as compared to Indian make ups. So it was a challenge but i like accepting them and then glorying it in my own way. I hope you guys will like it as much as i did.

It was a bridal look completed by combining it with Pakistani makeup. I wore a cape dress which is in green and purple colors because i think Pakistani people adore these colors particularly green and to bring essence of being a Pakistani in my look more. I really want to do justice with that and i think i was pretty much successful 😀

The splashes of makeup made me look more beautiful. Don’t you think these makeup artists are so special? Special because they actually enrich the looks of a person and make them look so pretty and lovely. I seriously adore them and their work.

The overall look was fashioned by wearing Pakistani jewelry particularly Pasa which is their bench mark and i love to wear that. It is such a decent thing which i think many girls like.

Airing my Pakistani look below!











A life Note: Hey guys! How many of you read quotes on daily basis ? I think there are many. It is good, it is good to read them but don’t get so much involved in them that they over power you and your thoughts. Take it easy people. Your time will come. Don’t rush on things, they will come to you eventually. So be happy and cheers 😀

Much Love <3


Make up- @piyarawat

Dress- @dishasaluja

Jewelry- @vintage












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